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Good to see you here, Dev! As you probably figured, we are looking for reinforcements to join our team. We seek people with a passion for code and the curiosity to understand how the world works to find meaning in all we do.

Our product is a wide combination of design, psychology, data acquisition, data processing, data analysis, web and mobile interfaces, various databases, cloud servers, and APIs.

In the end, it's a negotiation AI that handles conversations better than human beings. To work, the system must have the best possible data available and the capabilities to figure out the next move and to generate the natural language to communicate it. Sounds like a challenge you're up for? Interested to hear more?

As a React Developer, you are going to...

  • Be an essential part of our App team that develops the components that interact with our users.
  • Be responsible for implementing beautiful and usable features both to web apps and mobile apps.
  • Collaborate with our designer(s) to make our UI rock 🎸
  • Apply Clean Code principles, test your code, and review others' code.

This means that you'll need to...

  • Be proficient in React.
  • Be proficient in JavaScript.

It would be of help to also know...

  • Tools like StyledComponents, Apollo, Jest, MaterialUI, SuperTest and Redux.
  • React Native
  • GraphQL
  • TypeScript
  • Node.js
  • Redux
  • SQL / PostgreSQL

What are we exactly looking for?

Most likely, you have spent many years playing (i.e. trying things) with computers and done many projects either at work or in your free time. You have countless times felt the pain of banging your head on nasty problems, but you also yearn for the feeling of coming through as a winner. You know that StackOverflow has all the answers, but you have spent so many hours googling for the basic bugs that you don't get stuck on them anymore – at least daily. You have an "anything is possible – time is the only concern" kind of attitude.

When you join us, you are going to be trusted – probably more than you'd ever expected. We are a small, fast-learning team that you can lean on and spar with, but who also expects you to look for the answers and bring new solutions to the table. We trust that every one of us is actively looking for ways to make our system better, to make our customers happier, and we believe that every one of us can discover the next big idea that takes us forward. We are, above all, honest and respectful.

You'll get the best tools you need and a fair salary. (In non-corona time) we do not support full-remote working since we believe that physical presence plays a significant role in culture-building and effortless communication. Still, once you've worked with us, remote work is a way of doing your thing.

Or, know someone who would be a perfect fit? Let them know!


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